Extension Homemaker Creed

We believe in the present and its opportunities, in the future and its promises, in everything that makes life large and lovely, in the divine joy of living and helping others, and so we endeavor to pass on to others that which has benefited us, striving to go onward and upward, reaching the pinnacle of economic perfection, in improving, enlarging and endearing the greatest institution in the world – The Home.

A contest for a creed was sponsored in 1930 by the State Association. From the 60 entries submitted, the Association chose the one written by Mrs. C.W. Horne of Hendricks County. In writing the creed, Mrs. Horne voiced the sentiment of every member of the Extension Homemakers clubs with the hope that this valuable work would go on forever – to pass on to others that which has benefited us.

IEHA Mission Statement

The mission of the Indiana Extension Homemakers is to strengthen families through continuing education, leadership development, and volunteer community support.


A logo is a symbol used to represent a word, group of words, product or organization. Our logo was selected from several submitted for consideration in 1980. It was created by Coleen Allmandinger, Fort Wayne District Representative 1979-81. Mrs. Allmandinger resides in Berne, Adams County.

The logo depicts the Extension Homemakers organization with a unique combination of symbolism:

  • The three figures depict the endless combination of family members, representing male and female, adult and child.
  • The letters, IEHA, the Association’s acronym, form an important portion of the home by providing support.
  • The roof of the home extends beyond the perimeter of the design, indicating that the influence of IEHA extends beyond the home and the family to the surrounding community.

IEHA Flower and Colors

An official IEHA flower and colors were adopted by the State Board in June of 1997. The yellow carnation was chosen as the flower, and royal blue and gold the colors.

Focus Group and Activity Committees

These groups meet twice yearly to plan the work of our Focus Groups and Activity Committees. These work days are scheduled in a central location and are both fun and rewarding.

Focus Group Areas


Through cooperation with the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, IEHA offers a wide range of lessons at no charge. Program areas include:

  • Foods and Nutrition
  • Human Development
  • Family Resource Management
  • Special Interest Lessons


Opportunities abound to learn leadership skills and to mentor future leaders.

  • i-LEaD – Indiana Leadership Education and Development, a personal leadership development program
  • Leadership opportunities at local, district and state levels
  • Sponsor of Indiana Family Impact Seminars for legislators and other decision makers

Volunteer Community Support

  • Items for Riley Children’s Hospital
  • Support of Ronald McDonald House
  • Health Awareness Programs
  • Annual Participation in National Make a Difference Day
  • Support of local community projects


  • Annual Home and Family Conference
  • First Book for Kids
  • Spring and Fall District Meetings
  • Exchange Homemaker Program
  • Host-A-Hoosier Program
  • Extension Homemaker Chorus
  • And many other volunteer opportunities