Not sure what i-LEaD is?!


The i-LEaD (Indiana Leadership, Education and Development) program is designed for the new, emerging leader who wishes to grow in his/her confidence and leadership skills. The program has three levels and the levels must be taken is succession.

LEVEL I ~ Personal Leadership
Focuses on the “individual.”
Participants will develop an understanding of leadership, assess their own skills and develop a personal philosophy of leadership.

LEVEL II ~ Interpersonal Leadership
Focuses on the “you and me.”
Participants will focus on the development of communication skills, team building, and group decision making and trust.

LEVEL III ~ Group Leadership
Focuses on the “community.”
Participants will grow in their ability to become community leaders by studying what makes for effective boards and committees and how to develop a community vision.

i-LEaD is an individual leadership development program. You need not be a member of a team to attend and you do not need any previous training. The objective is not to
have you go home and teach, but rather grow in your leadership ability. Anyone may attend. Plan to attend and further develop the leader within you!

Still have questions? Contact: Ellen King, i-LEaD Chair Phone: (574) 857-5505